Please read instructions on the web page carefully before filling the online Admission Form. Please type or write legibly in BLOCK 
 letters, and fill in all the fields. Incomplete forms shall not be entertained. The instructions are numbered in accordance with the 
 Admission Form.
  1. Fill your information carefully and proof read it before submitting your Online Application.

  2. Fill in the name in full exactly as on your SSC/O-level Certificate.

  3. Fill in your Father’s name in full exactly as on your SSC/O-level Certificate.

  4. Date of birth of applicant (Same as per your official documents)

  5. Fill in the name of your guardian if it is not the same as 3 above. Also mention your exactly relation with the guardian.

  6. Write complete contact information including correspondence address & permanent residential address along with telephone and mobile numbers. E-mail address may also be provided.
      This information is very critical as it will be used for correspondence by the Institute during the entire admission process. 

  7. Provide information about Father’s / Guardian’s occupation along with designation and complete business/office/work place address.

  8. The Application Form can be filled online from 5th January, 2014 to 27th January 2014.

  9. Registration for Entrance Test will be confirmed after verification of all the academic records.
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